Dzongkha Editorial

Dzongkha Kuensel plays a significant role in informing and empowering the people as Bhutan evolves as a democracy. Dzongkha newspaper’s contents are a mix of independent news reporting by the Dzongkha reporters and translation of news covered by the English editorial team. 

Dzongkha editorial ensures that the Dzongkha edition has comprehensive coverage because its readers are mainly from the monastic and traditional institutes and among the people in rural areas where the majority of Bhutanese people live. The news team also strives to promote and strengthen national language through Kuensel since the Constitution stipulates that Dzongkha is not only the National Language of Bhutan but also one of the Bhutanese identities.

The Dzongkha editorial, which comprises editor, deputy editor, literary editor, chief reporters, senior reporters, reporters, junior reporters, bureau correspondents, and layout assistant  strives to be impartial and non-partisan in its coverage.

Dzongkha Editorial Team