Brief Background

KUENSEL, the national daily,  was established in 1967 as an official news bulletin, published once every two weeks by the information department.

In 1986 the Department of Information upgraded the newsletter into a 12-page tabloid. In October, 1992, it was de-linked from the civil service and established as an autonomous corporation with a seven member-management board to govern the corporation.
In 1999, government subsidy was stopped. This forced the company to turn their focus on sustenance and improve commercial viability.

In 2001,, a daily online news site was launched, becoming one of the first Bhutanese organisations to host a website.
The government divested 49% of the company’s shares to the public in 2006 making Kuensel a listed company with the Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan. The Corporation is registered under the Company’s Act of Bhutan, which governs all public and private sector corporations in the kingdom.

The company set up its printing unit in 2006 basically to distribute Kuensel throughout the country on the same day of publication and as well as to tap the commercial printing in the east.

Kuensel went daily in 2010.