K-Tracker is a web-based system to monitor vehicle movement.  With a simple device installed in thevehicle, the vehicle can be tracked through smart phones or computers. The device gives the current location of the vehicle and can trackback history of the vehicle moment. This will help in proper monitoring of the vehicle usage, resulting in drastic reduction of expenditure related to fuel consumption and maintenance cost.

Most companies maintain a fleet of vehicle, which may be difficult to monitor following the regular method. While the wish of every manager is to minimize unnecessary expenditures, it is difficult to monitor the movement of vehicles, particularly misuse

K-Tracker provides the perfect solution.

Tracking Image
  1. Real-time tracking via computer/SMS
  2. Web based system
  3. Geo-fencing
  4. Speed alarm
  5. Playback history
  6. Odometer/Mileage Report

1 . Easy fleet management
2 . Improve field efficiency
3 . Improve time management
4 . Organize your business
5 . Increase productivity
6 . Track movement
7. Cost reduction

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