K-Tracker is a web-based system to monitor vehicle movement within the country. With a simple device installed in the vehicle, the vehicle can be tracked through a smart phone or computer. The device provides the current location of the vehicle as well as can trackback history of the vehicle movement. K-Tracker therefore, helps in proper monitoring of the vehicle usage through cutting unnecessary costs related to fuel consumption and maintenance.

While many companies maintain a fleet of vehicle, it may be difficult to monitor with the regular method. Get your K-Tracker to minimise unnecessary expenditures and monitor misuse of vehicle.

K-Tracker provides the perfect solution

Tracking Image
  1. Real-time tracking via computer/SMS
  2. Web based system
  3. Geo-fencing
  4. Speed alarm
  5. Playback history
  6. Odometer/Mileage Report

1 . Easy fleet management
2 . Improve field efficiency
3 . Improve time management
4 . Organize your business
5 . Increase productivity
6 . Track movement
7. Cost reduction

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